meet Laura

Grown up choices.

A certified Coach and half American/half French, I naturally understand different cultures and nuances. 

Having worked in multiple industries, in various countries, in several cultures, I have an insight that helps people see more clearly.

I believe in EVOLVING. Evolving is becoming a higher level of yourself. Understanding more fully your choices and deciding which to choose. 

Talking with an independent counsellor allows you the freedom that speaking with a friend or colleague does not. Confidentiality is assured by agreement at the start of our discussions. Speak freely and without judgement. 

Adolescents can benefit too.


Coaching has been typically sought after by adults for professional and personal goals. It did not take me long to realize that there were other people who could really benefit from coaching's extraordinary techniques! Yes, Teens! One of the most regular complaints you will hear from a teen is that they don't feel 'heard' and 'understood'. As they get older, they have questions about their futures and professional choices. In parallel, parents find that they just can't understand their teen's behavior or misbehavior. A coach can help both sides learn to communicate and understand each other. Specific exercises and  methods allow teens to think and to assess things clearly and to be accountable for their actions. It helps them to set attainable goals. Just like a professional would! It's for this reason that I decided to develop a fun coaching program called Everest Student Coaching. 

Whether you are a professional or a student

I will offer you my full attention, my patience, my support and my unquestionable certainty that these discussions will help you turn things around - get you on the path you wish to be on. I'll help you to  find your answers, to explore emotions, long existing beliefs and find what it is you are looking for.

If ever something was worth doing, this is it. If it's with my guidance, I'm overjoyed.​

  • IDC Professional Coach Training, Geneva, Switzerland (accredited by ICF- the International Coaching Federation) Certificate in Basic and Advanced Levels, 2014                       

  • Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY                 Bachelor of Arts, 1985